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posted on April 12th, 2016

So you’re looking to book a Stag Party, in a decent sized venue where the drinks are nice & cheap, the barmaids aren’t from Lord of the Rings and the soundsystem isn’t a box on poles aimed at a conservative club (Guess what, we have a Full VOID soundsystem throughout).


Bring your entourage down for your party and get FREE HIRE including great drinks deals, food & DJs available on request.

Here’s some tips to help get your Stag Party organised without any hiccups!

  • Avoid booking on Rugby Days or you may struggle for accomodation
  • Control your numbers! It’s easy to invite everyone you know, but moving a group of 30 people around is tedious!
  • Give plenty of notice! Make sure you let your mates know at least a month in advance or they might be at Disneyland. Or Hooters.
  • Set a realistic budget! And more importantly stick to it. Have a set amount of how much you want to spend.
  • Create a competitive vibe! It’s hands down the best route for any stag party, activities and challenges throughout.
  • Pace yourself! Don’t go overboard and don’t peak too early. You have all night!

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